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and have a rest in our tourist center "Medvezhy Ugol" , located in a forest on the shores of the most beautiful lake Lovozero - "catching lake", the third largest on the Kola Peninsula.

An active winter vacation in the north will allow tourists to see the snowy deserts in the tundra, drive through the noticeable polar forest, climb the mountain ranges of the Lovozero tundra, or get to the secluded villages of Krasnoshchelye and Kanevka.


Tourism in the North

Fans of tourism in the north, connoisseurs of wildlife and outdoor activities will find here activities for every taste. We offer you a huge selection of various types of tours.

Tourism in the north is an unforgettable experience!

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Были у Вас две ночи, а ощущение- старые знакомые... Провели у Вас незабываемое Рождество!!! А баня- это же мекка! Спасибо Виктору, Вы неповторимый банщик! Желаю Вам процветания, а вашим детям Диме и Жене продолжить этот бизнес в будущем и приумножить! Спасибо Вам всем! Москва 6.01-8.01.2017


Сказочное путешествие, волшебные люди! Остались самые прекрасные воспоминания и отличные фотографии. Появилась новая мечта - прожить целый год в этих чудесных местах, где время останавливается, чтобы проникнуться всеми сезонами года. Какое счастье в нашей жизни что нашли вас! Анна, Виктор, Дима - спасибо что вы есть на белом свете! Жаль, что Париж так далеко от вас!

Оксана Смазнова

Map of the most interesting places on the Kola Peninsula

Lovozero is one of the highlights of the Murmansk region and is the center of the cultural life of the Sami people. It is here that international Sami holidays and festivals are held. This place is called "the capital of Russian Lapland".
Kola well
Located 170 km from Murmansk, Kola Superdeep remains the deepest well ever drilled by man on the planet. Here, research took place, which were aimed at studying the ancient rocks of the earth's crust and understanding the ongoing processes.
Medium and fishermen
The real northern beauty will be revealed to you on tours on the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas. It is best to go to these places for 2 days to fully enjoy the arctic nature! In summer, they organize jeeps and ATVs, and in winter, snowmobiles.
Valley of glory
Formerly known as Death Valley, this site is dedicated to the events of September 1941, when Soviet soldiers stopped the German offensive in Murmansk, which, according to official figures, killed more than 2,000 people. This memorial complex is the pride of the residents of the Murmansk region.
Severomorsk is located 25 kilometers north of Murmansk. This is the main base of the Russian Northern Fleet. It is here that the acting guards of the northern seas are based: submarines and cruisers, ready to sail off the coast of the Kola Bay at any moment.
Hero city murmansk
This city and its inhabitants made a huge contribution to the victory in the Second World War, preventing the Germans from breaking through to the USSR from the north. In the city, you can visit the world's first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", the local history museum and various monuments in honor of the city's military history.
Teribeka village
A legendary place where more than 90% of tourists visiting the Murmansk region seek to get. The distance from Murmansk to Teriberka is 120 kilometers. In winter, the coast is reached by snowmobiles, and in summer by jeep or on foot.
Husky sledding
There are several husky parks in the Murmansk region, where you will meet these funny and friendly dogs, ride sleds and take unforgettable memorable photos. This photo was taken during a husky safari in the Khibiny.
Khibiny mountains, city of Kirovsk
The Khibiny Mountains (or Khibiny) are the tourist and industrial heart of the Kola Peninsula. Here is the largest ski resort in the Murmansk region, "Snow Village" (a covered structure made of snow and ice), a museum of minerals and a base for snowmobile tours.
Umba village
The Pomor village of Umba was first mentioned in 1466 and was the patrimony of the Solovetsky Monastery, which built a church here in 1765 in honor of the Ascension of Christ.
Sami village
Every traveler of our north should get acquainted with the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula - the Sami. You will learn about reindeer husbandry, the traditions and culture of this people, try on traditional clothes and even go through the Sami rituals.

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